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Orange Facial Massager - Luna-Tech Facial Massager

Item: Orange Facial Massager
Name: Luna-Tech Facial Massager

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A brief introduction silicone wash a face to brush

Our new breakthrough skincare series product gives the skin a natural healthy glow, restored to make it smooth and young state. Silicone wash a face to brush the pattern more deeply than washed by hand to dean the skin, thereby. Promote skin more effectively absorb skin care products. Often use not only make the skin more pure and fresh and more luster, and to save. A lifetime is young and healthy skin is the most important basis.

Battery Operated
Uses with 2xAAA Batteries Great for Travel

Adjustable Vibration for Skin Massaging

Wet & Dry use, easy for clean and comforte


Silicone wash a face to brush, suitable for sensitive / normal skin, mixed skin. In order to get the best effect, we recommend that you use every day in the morning and two minutes.

  • Facial Smooth
  • No Bacteria
  • Deep Clean
  • Mild Not Allergic




  1. Creates smoother, softer skin;
  2. Primes the skin to be more receptive to anti-aging treatments;
  3. Gently oscillates back and forth to physically flex the pores, loosening trapped debris and reducing pore appearance;
  4. Efficiently removes excess oily patches and shine for a supersonic deep clean without irritation;
  5. Reduce dry, rough patches on face and body for a smoother, softer look and feel;
  6. Increases the absorption of refining skincare products;
  7. Reveals skin's natural healthy radiance with twice-daily use;
  8. Unplugs pores, dissolving oil and debris that cause skin imperfections;
  9. Enhances abstraction of acne skincare treatments and topics.



Operation Instruction:

1. Press the center button once to turn on your device. When activated, it will be in vibrating.
2. Press the center button again to deactivate your device.
3. Press the Left button to increase vibration speed.
4. Press the Right button to decrease vibration speed.


The device is available in 5 different models, each with a cleansing brush that suits sensitive/normal, combination or ultra-sensitive skin. To maximize the skincare benefits of it, we suggest you use it for 2 minutes each morning and evening.

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